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AMC Medical Laboratory

AMC Medical Laboratory

Asayad Medical Laboratory is a full service laboratory to provide quality test results to meet our patient’s needs.

Our laboratory is working under a highly qualified management and well trained technologists
Testing is not limited to Asayad Medical Center, as we provide services for external clinics and laboratories; and community based and overseas physicians. With a physician’s requisition, we will process your test requests and forward the results to your clinician.

The following laboratory services:

  • Full checkup(LFT,RFT,Lipid profile,Uric acid and CBC)
  • Hematology Tests
  • Antenatal profile
  • Thyroid profile and Hormones
  • Recurrent Abortion Panel
  • All vitamins including vitamin D
  • Rheumatology profile
  • Virology tests
  • Pre marriage profile
  • Sexually diseases
  • Food and inhalant allergy panels
  • Genetic testing
  • All microbiology tests
  • Tumor markers
  • Blood bank services